The 2017 Indie 500 is in the books now, but it's not too late to get in on the fun.
You can still participate in the solve-at-home division for just $10. We'll send you this year's puzzles and, if you send us your completed grids and solving times, we'll score your puzzles for you and place you on the Indie 500 leaderboard to see how you stacked up against the other in-person and at-home contestants!
You can also still order this year's all-new meta suite and the puzzles from past tournaments. The meta suite is a pay-what-you-want item, while past tournament puzzle packs are $5 each.
Use the checkboxes to select what you'd like (all figures in USD)
This year's tournament puzzles, emailed to you and scored using tournament rules
An interconnected set of six meta puzzles, unrelated to the tournament puzzles, available by donation (enter a dollar amount in the box to the right)
All tournament puzzles, plus a few bonuses, from last year's tournament
All tournament puzzles, plus a few bonuses, from the first tournament